Amanda Moore

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If you could own any work of art in the world, painting, photograph, sculpture or installation – what would it be?

Any painting from Danny Gretscher’s “This Corner of the Earth Smiles At Me”show.

How would you spend the day if the world was ending tomorrow?

On the South Coast of NSW, with my family- picnicking, swimming, connecting. La Dolce Vita.

Your best and/or worst meals ever

My best meal was at long table in Radicondoli, Tuscany in Italy - unexpected guests at a friend’s Podere - a slow cooked leg of wild boar from the farm next door, polenta, fresh salad, a tray of tiramisu and a meteorite shower for lights. 

Is there a novel, play, film script or poem you wish you’d written?

The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon by Tom Spanbauer and The Sun Rising by John Donne 

Where might your fantasy road trip take you?

Anywhere with friends, food, hot weather and somewhere to swim.

While usually too few to mention, any regrets?

Not experiencing Paris in the 1920s

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