Nicole Thompson (Pinky)

Make Up Artist
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If you could own any work of art in the world, painting, photograph, sculpture or installation – what would it be? 

Monet’s Garden- a combination of all of the above! Visiting this space was extraordinary -a dream come true for me. Being surrounded by this joy and colour all the time would be a constant inspiration! 

How would you spend the day if the world was ending tomorrow?

Drinking fabulous wine, eating yummy food and just BEING with my family. 

I feel like I would also just casually roll myself in glitter at some point. 

Your best and/or worst meals ever

BEST: I’ve been to many restaurants and loved food all over the world, but I love Diner Cheeseburgers in LA. 

WORST: plane food. So much plane food over the years. 

Is there a novel, play, film script or poem you wish you’d written?

Life is Beautiful. 

Where might your fantasy road trip take you?

Even though I hate road trips usually, the top end through Kakadu looks spectacular.  I will make that happen in the next few years. 

While usually too few to mention, any regrets? 

NO REGRETS! Even the worst makeup, fashion and life choices I have made, have helped me land where I am today... and given me a good laugh looking back on them. 

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