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If you could own any work of art in the world, painting, photograph, sculpture or installation – what would it be? 

As much as I have frequented many art exhibitions over my life, I can’t narrow my answer down to one single piece of art.  I do remember a piece by Yoko Ono which was little baby tree shoots growing out of coffins.  A simple message that life is perhaps eternal.

How would you spend the day if the world was ending tomorrow?

I would spend it with my dogs and my loved ones.  Love overrides fear and would hopefully give me the strength in such a fearful moment.

Your best and/or worst meals ever

Anything that is prepared from the heart can make a lasting impression on the soul and food is one thing that feeds the soul.  A steak cooked to perfection or a raw salad with the correct balance of flavours, colours and textures.  I have tasted and experienced too many wonderful meals that I can’t single one out in particular.

Is there a novel, play, film script or poem you wish you’d written?

I have never wished that I had written anything but one of my favourite movies was a Swedish film called “As it is in heaven”.

Where might your fantasy road trip take you?

My fantasy road trip would probably take me the farthest North where the skies sing, and dance and the stars would fall down all around me.

While usually too few to mention, any regrets?

I honestly have no regrets.  Many things bring pain and sorrow due to your actions and decisions made but the learning from these incidents is paramount to your growth.

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