Andy Hatton

Motion (Advertising, Art/Personal, Beauty, Cars, Documentary, Fashion, Landscape, TVC)
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If you could own any work of art in the world, painting, photograph, sculpture or installation – what would it be?

A Trent Parke photogaph. It's a streetscape with shadows, light & reflections. The more I learned about the image the more I realised why I was drawn to it . To me that image is about finding something you didn't expect to happen and making something special from it.

How would you spend the day if the world was ending tomorrow?

With friends and family & the people I love.

Is there a novel, play, film script or poem you wish you’d written?

Game of Thrones. I love the character development and the complexity of it.

Your best and/or worst meal ever?

Best meal Nobu, worst meal Macca's

Where might your fantasy road trip take you?

I would love to go back to Iceland and travel around the entire country.

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